Most successful business owners follow certain habits or routines. That’s because doing so can allow them to focus on their goals, and to keep them on track – regardless of what other distractions come their way and attempt to derail them.

Whether you own one rental property or dozens, it is essential that you put certain habits into place so that you can maximize your time and efficiency – and ultimately your bottom line. Five of the key habits that successful real estate investors often use include:

  • Making a plan. Investing in real estate can be demanding and complicated – even for experienced investors. So having a good solid foundation and plan in place is essential. Ideally, your plan should include your estimated income and expenses, as well as strategies for how you will attain – and maintain – good tenants.
  • Knowing the local property market. Location is a driving factor in any real estate transaction. Therefore, being familiar with the trends and changes taking place in your selected market(s) is crucial.
  • Understanding the potential risks. All investing involves at least some amount of risk. Understanding these can help you to anticipate and plan ahead for them, rather than being blindsided.
  • Building a network. Having a network of other professionals – such as investors, real estate agents and brokers, and even mentors – can provide you with necessary support during both good and challenging times.
  • Working with an experienced team. While you might want to own and operate all aspects of your real estate investing, doing so may not necessarily be the best way to go. This is particularly true if you own multiple rental homes or units. With that in mind, partnering with a local, experienced property manager is key.

If you own residential rental property(ies) in Orlando or the Central Florida vicinity, contact CFL Property Management for more information on how you could benefit your business with a savvy property management team on your side.