Throughout the years, sunny Florida has been known as a haven for seniors and retirees who flock to the area for its year-round temperate climate, as well as the long list of attractions, golf courses, beaches, and other amenities.

As the owner of rental property in Florida, seniors can typically be excellent tenants who take good care of their accommodations and make their rent payments in a timely manner. That being said, though, there are also some tips to be aware of that can help you with better ensuring a safe and comfortable space for these renters.

For instance, safety is an important consideration for older individuals. Many seniors have a fear of falling and in turn, sustaining serious injuries. With that in mind, there are some simple modifications and precautions that you can take that show you care about their safety and security, such as:

  • Installing grab bars in the shower(s) and near toilet(s)
  • Ensuring that all handrails (such as on staircases, porches, walkways, etc.) are stable and secure
  • Providing easy reference for emergency services (such as posting a list of phone numbers on the refrigerator or other easily accessible spot)
  • Making sure that all flooring is secure in order to avoid potential tripping hazards

Many seniors also enjoy the company of pets. This is particularly the case if they are widowed or empty nesters. Therefore, making your rental property(ies) pet friendly can be a real plus to potential tenants. In this case, it is recommended that you include pet policies in your lease – along with an additional amount of monthly rent and/or security deposit – so that you can cover various damages that may occur.

If you would like more tips how to attract tenants – along with a way to delegate all of the time-consuming tasks that go along with marketing and managing rental property in Central Florida to a property management team – give us a call and let’s chat!