3 02, 2021

Stimulus Relief for Florida Investment Property Owners

2021-03-26T14:21:31-04:00By |Financing, Investing, Property Management, Rentals, Taxes|

  While much has been said about COVID-19 stimulus relief for individuals and businesses – including a moratorium on evictions and rent payments for tenants - not a lot has come to the forefront regarding investment property owners and their ability (or inability) to pay their own bills. That is, until recently. In the waning [...]

10 07, 2019

Financing the Purchase of a Rental Property

2019-07-10T18:43:31-04:00By |Financing, Investing|

While owning rental property can be a great way to supplement your income, one of the biggest barriers for many investors (and potential investors) is the actual purchase – particularly as it relates to financing the deal through a traditional bank or lender. That’s because getting a mortgage for rental property can come with a [...]

3 04, 2019

Should You Consider Refinancing Your Investment Property?

2019-04-04T11:50:26-04:00By |Financing|

With interest rates still at or near historical lows, many consumers have taken advantage of the low rate environment and refinanced their homes. In addition to lowering the monthly house payment, there are other possible added advantages of refinancing, too, such as pulling cash out to pay off higher-interest loans. But, while refinancing your residence [...]

16 12, 2015

Investing for Income with Shopping Centers

2021-04-08T23:21:49-04:00By |Financing, Investing, Investor Mentality, Making Money, Rentals|

There are some larger commercial real estate investors who seek cash flow and diversification by investing for income with shopping centers. These types of investments can offer regular incoming cash flow. In addition, the property can also appreciate independently of the stock market, which can allow these investors to profit, regardless of market conditions. In [...]

15 07, 2015

Investing in Orlando Office Buildings for Income

2021-04-08T23:21:53-04:00By |Financing, Investing|

Real estate investors can attain a very nice incoming cash flow from commercial properties such as office buildings. This is especially the case by getting tenants of office buildings locked into long term leases of at least three years - which is fairly common for this type of commercial property. One of the most popular [...]

8 07, 2015

Purchasing Real Estate Investments with Other People’s Money

2021-04-08T23:21:54-04:00By |Financing, Investing|

One of the greatest things about certain types of investments is purchasing real estate investments with other people's money. With rental real estate this is true because you are able to use money from tenants' rent checks for paying down the mortgages on your properties. Sometimes, people think that they need to be large corporate investors [...]

3 09, 2013

Commercial vs Residential Financing

2021-04-08T23:21:56-04:00By |Financing, Investing, Multi-Family Investing, Multi-Family Properties, Saving Money|

Generally speaking, it is more difficult to finance a multi-family property than a single-family home, assuming you are using traditional financing (i.e.- a bank or similar commercial lending institution).  The main reason for this is due to the relative marketability of a multi-family property, compared to a single-family home.  There is a bigger market for [...]