7 12, 2022

Is Rental Real Estate a Good Investment During High (and Rising) Inflation?

2023-01-13T14:35:47-05:00By |Florida, Investing, Pets, Property Management|

With a volatile and highly unpredictable stock market, rising interest rates, and increased inflation, investors hare having a tough time deciding what to do and where the best place is to move (or keep) their money invested. One option, though, could be to start – or add to – a residential real estate property [...]

21 07, 2021

How to Have a Pet-Friendly Rental While Keeping Your Property Protected

2021-07-21T13:44:45-04:00By |Landlord Advice, Pets, Property Management, Tenant Relations|

For many people, pets are part of the family. So, by not opening up your residential rental property to pet owners, you could be eliminating a significant percentage of the potential tenant pool. On the other hand, some pets can cause damage to floors and other areas of your investment property. With that in mind, [...]

19 06, 2019