6 01, 2021

How to Safely Show Rental Property During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2021-01-04T16:56:45-05:00By |Property Management, Rentals, Tenant Relations|

Safeguarding your rental properties should be a priority at all times. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be particularly important for keeping yourself, as well as your current and potential future tenants out of harm’s way. The good news is that people still need a place to live, even in these challenging times. So, [...]

18 03, 2020

Is Orlando Really a Top City for Owning Rental Real Estate?

2020-03-18T14:40:17-04:00By |Advice, Orlando Real Estate, Rentals|

If you own rental property in Orlando and/or the surrounding Central Florida area, you’ve likely made a very good choice in terms of your investment. That’s because – in addition to the roller coaster stock market, where you could essentially lose thousands of dollars every day – a recent report from the landlord-software TurboTenant found [...]

21 11, 2018

Is Being a Landlord Really Right for You?

2018-11-16T20:56:36-05:00By |Advice, Landlord Advice, Rentals|

While many people see the tremendous value in owning rental property – including both the income and equity it can provide – there is another factor involved with this type of investment that may not be so appealing to everyone. That is performing the duties of a landlord. “Landlording” can require you to be involved [...]

4 05, 2016

Single Family or Multi-Family Rentals: Which Is Better?

2019-10-30T22:18:22-04:00By |Investing, Investor Mentality, Multi-Family Investing, Rentals|

While many real estate investors prefer one type of residential property over another, the truth is that it is possible to achieve success with either. What makes the biggest difference is whether or not you follow a particular investment strategy. There can, however, be definite advantages and drawbacks to owning either single family or multi-family [...]

20 01, 2016

How to Maximize Your Rental Income Without Losing Tenants

2016-10-26T21:12:42-04:00By |Making Money, Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals, Saving Money, Tenant Relations|

When purchasing investment property to hold and lease, certainly one of your key goals is typically to maximize your rental income - and when doing so, there are usually two primary ways to increase your bottom line over time. One is to increase the rental income to your tenants. The other is to decrease your [...]

16 12, 2015

Investing for Income with Shopping Centers

2016-10-26T21:12:42-04:00By |Financing, Investing, Investor Mentality, Making Money, Rentals|

There are some larger commercial real estate investors who seek cash flow and diversification by investing for income with shopping centers. These types of investments can offer regular incoming cash flow. In addition, the property can also appreciate independently of the stock market, which can allow these investors to profit, regardless of market conditions. In [...]

23 09, 2015

How To Ensure You Find the Right Tenants for Your Investment Property

2016-10-26T21:12:43-04:00By |Orlando Landlord Tips, Rentals, Tenant Screening|

After purchasing a property for investment, you want to ensure that you place the right tenants into the property - ideally, the first time around. This is because the eviction process can be a long, tedious, and expensive ordeal. With that in mind, going through certain steps for screening potential tenants can help you to [...]

19 08, 2015

Investing in Storage Units for Income

2016-10-26T21:12:43-04:00By |Investing, Rentals|

Over the past few years - especially in light of some popular television shows - investors have taken note of the potential for profit in storage units. Yet, money can be made in areas other than just simply buying and selling the items that are left behind in these units. In fact, investing in storage [...]

5 08, 2015

Investing for Income with Apartment Buildings

2016-10-26T21:12:43-04:00By |Investing, Investor Mentality, Multi-Family Investing, Multi-Family Properties, Rentals|

For real estate investors who are looking for more than just a single income from one home or property, an apartment complex may provide the answer. An apartment complex is considered to be a commercial property - which is essentially a property that consists of five units or more. One of the key advantages to [...]