12 04, 2017

Is a Month to Month Lease Really Worth It to Get or Keep Your Rental Property Occupied?

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Having an investment property sitting empty can certainly be frustrating. Knowing that the home or unit is costing you money every day, with no incoming cash flow to cover it, may make you feel like you should take on any potential tenant, regardless of the terms. But is consenting to a month to month lease [...]

31 08, 2013

Having the Investor Mindset

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No one is born a landlord.  Nobody is born with the investor mindset.  Some choose to become landlords as part of an investment strategy.  Others become ‘accidental landlords’ when a job transfer or other unpredictable life event forces them to rent their former residence.  Regardless, to be a good landlord requires a little finesse, a [...]

21 08, 2013

Exterior Photos of Rental Houses

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Plain and simple – the absolute best way to get prospective tenants interested in your Winter Park Rental Home is to take quality, useful pictures to post in your internet ads.  Exterior photos of rental houses are the cornerstone of good marketing.  If you've ever bought or rented a home before you've probably noticed the [...]

10 06, 2013

Orlando Landlord Tips: The Best 6 Ways to Secure a Vacant Property

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  You don't need one of the X-Men to secure a vacant property!One of the biggest concerns that absentee landlords have is how to secure a vacant property.  And for good reason.  Being hundreds of miles away from an expensive asset can be a little nerve-wracking. Here's the situation:  Your tenants have moved out and [...]