As another holiday season is almost upon us, it is time to start thinking about gift-giving. For many investment property owners, this is also a time to acknowledge and thank their tenants. With that in mind, do your tenants view you more like Santa, or rather as the Grinch?

If you are more in the Santa Claus camp, but you just aren’t sure what type of gift to give, here are several traditional, as well as out-of-the-box suggestions:

A free house or apartment cleaning. Even the neatest of tenants can always benefit from a thorough cleaning of their house or apartment unit. In many cases, this can be provided at a cost of around $100 (depending on the size of the residence). And this seemingly small act of kindness could be just the catalyst that makes your tenant sign another year’s lease.

Money off of next month’s rent. Everyone loves to save money – and especially so right after the holidays when people might find themselves a bit short on cash. So, a “discount” of $100, $50, or even $25 on January’s rent can oftentimes be considered a blessing.

An upgrade or a new appliance. If the appliances in your rental unit(s) have seen better days, a replacement with a new (or newer) model could be an ideal way to say Happy Holidays to your tenants, while at the same time providing you with an upgrade to your investment.

Want to give yourself a holiday gift, too?

For many investment property owners, the gift of extra time is always welcome. So, if you’d like to free up more of your time from your “landlording” duties, hiring a property manager can allow you to do so.

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