Every year, it seems more and more like the seasons are rushed. For instance, the last sparks of July 4th fireworks have barely gone out when we start seeing Halloween candy displayed in retail stores. Likewise, before the bell rings for the first day of school, the holiday decorations are out, and the TV and radio commercials begin.

With that in mind, if you have a vacancy in a rental property that you own (or worse yet, multiple vacancies), you may get a sinking feeling that it will be hard to fill – at least until the holiday hustle and bustle has ended.

But the good news is that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, even though there are many people who aren’t planning a move during this time of the year, there are others who could be in the midst of a job change (or even graduating students who will be starting their new job at the beginning of the year) and who may not only need a place to live, but who are ready, willing, and able to move in quickly.

The challenge, however, comes in finding these people. But with the right professional on your side, this feat can not only be accomplished, but it can be done without you having to spend an inordinate amount of time working on it.

If filling property vacancies, collecting rent, and performing maintenance on your investment(s) just is not your thing, it may be time to start thinking about hiring a property manager. With an experienced property management team on your side, your rental units will be advertised through multiple channels, and shown by a professional rental agent.

Interested prospective tenants will be properly screened – and if approved – the property management team will also take care of the necessary paperwork, the collection of the security deposit and rent, and any repairs – regular or emergency – that may be needed.

Want more details on how working with the right property manager in Orlando and / or the Central Florida locale could work well for you? If so, just give us a call.