According to the predictions, 2018 may bring about an above average hurricane season, with more than a dozen tropical storms anticipated, and seven of those expected to be at hurricane level.1 And, if 2017 told us anything at all about Mother Nature, it’s that her wrath should not be taken lightly.

All it takes is just one strong storm to create substantial damage – along with significant repair and replacement costs. The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season “officially” begins on June 1st, and runs through the end of November.

As the owner of rental property, then, how can you go about preparing your investments, as well as your tenants, for what could be shaping up to be another active hurricane season in 2018?

One of the best ways to do so is to be prepared long before a storm is even on the way. This means that you should make sure that you have supplies ready for protecting windows and other breakable items.

In addition, working with your tenants on a home inventory – which includes details on personal and other items in the home, as well as their estimated values – can be beneficial. Also, reviewing your property insurance coverage – as well as making sure that your tenants have ample renter’s insurance – can be key.

Keeping your real estate investments ready in any type of weather can be extremely time consuming, but the time that is spent preparing for disasters, as well as cleaning up, doesn’t necessarily have to be yours.

By partnering with an experienced Orlando property management team, you can ensure that your units are being well taken care of, while at the same time still keeping your tenants and your expenses in check.

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1. 2018 Hurricane Season Will Bring Another Batter of Storms. By Vanessa Romo. April 6, 2018.