If you’ve ever watched the late night informercial “gurus,” at one time or another you have likely run across some that tout how “easy” it is to find and buy property, locate the right tenant(s), and then sit back and let the “passive” income roll in.

Yet, while the actual process of owning rental real estate may be simple, it definitely is not easy – at least not if you are the one who is taking on all of the necessary tasks. In fact, if you consider the amount of net income that you actually receive, and you divide it by the number of hours you spend each year managing your real estate investments, the result may not be what you had hoped for.How to Entice Your Tenants to Stay

But there is an easy and simple way to fix that!

Do You Need Help?

Most seasoned property investors will say that doing all of the marketing, maintenance, and tenant management on your own can be extremely time-consuming – so delegating some, or even all, of your rental property to-do list can make a lot of sense. Even when you factor in the added “expense” for assistance, turning over the reins to someone else who can respond 24 / 7 can be a tremendous weight lifted off your shoulders.

So, if you’ve found that your real estate investments have you running around collecting the rent from tenants and fixing an endless list of items (both large and small) that need repair, your rental income may not truly be passive.

Bringing an experienced property manager on board, though, can allow you to still partake in regular rental income, while at the same time giving you your life back so that you can pursue other opportunities.

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