Finding the ideal investment property can oftentimes be much easier with some assistance – and in many cases, that help can come from a commercial real estate professional who has a focus on the type of property that you’re specifically looking for. But how can you find the best commercial real estate professional for you?

There are actually a couple of things to look for in order to determine whether or not a commercial real estate broker or agent will fit your particular needs. For example, just as you would look for a doctor or lawyer, even though some may be very good in their chosen field, you will want to be sure that they have a focus on what it is that you are looking for.

Some of the key factors can include the following:

  • Do they possess expertise in the commercial real estate field? First and foremost, you will want to be sure that the individual (or company) you choose to work with has a specific focus on working with investors. This is because real estate investment transactions can oftentimes have some definitive differences from those where someone is buying their primary residence.
  • Are they situated (and familiar with) your local area? While it can be nice to work with a friend or relative who is in the real estate field, you will ideally want to find someone who specializes in property in the location where you want to invest. That way, the broker or agent will be able to help you with specific elements of the transaction as they pertain to zoning laws and other factors that can affect the sale.

Once you have purchased a property (or a portfolio of properties), the management and ongoing maintenance can become extremely time consuming. With that in mind, it can be beneficial to work with a property manager in order to locate and screen potential tenants, as well as to attend to the day-to-day needs of your investments.

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