Advertising your rental property online can be a great way to get more exposure for it, as well as providing you with visibility – especially for potential tenants who may not currently live in your local area. But, unless your ad really stands out, it is likely that it will be passed up by most web surfers without even giving it a thought (even if the property would be perfect for them).Tips for Listing Your Rental Properties Online

So, how can you make your property stand out among the millions of other messages that are floating around in cyber space – and have it target your ideal tenant?

In order to do so, you’ll want to provide just the right mix of information and photos, along with adding in a bit of uniqueness that will entice potential tenants to want to learn more about what you have to offer.

In this case, there are a few key steps to follow:

First, while it may not be a big surprise, it is essential that you include photos – but not just any photos will do. In most cases, the small thumbnail image will be the initial impression that online visitors will see. So, it is important that this shows the property in the best possible light, and that it looks inviting. This can make the difference between someone clicking to see more info, or passing your property by.

Next, when you are describing the property’s features, it can be much more effective to “tell a story” as versus just simply listing out the number of rooms and their dimensions. For instance, here you will want to incorporate details that can incite emotions.

As an example, rather than just stating that the property has a back yard pool, you could instead say something like, “Think of all the great times you can have with family and friends in the beautiful back yard oasis.”

If you find that you may not have the time that is necessary to market and show your property, it can be beneficial to work with a professional property manager who will take care of all the upfront marketing details, as well as the day-to-day maintenance and management activities. For more information on how to choose the right property management team in Orlando and the Central Florida area, Contact Us.