Safeguarding your rental properties should be a priority at all times. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be particularly important for keeping yourself, as well as your current and potential future tenants out of harm’s way.

The good news is that people still need a place to live, even in these challenging times. So, if you are able to ensure a more germ-free experience, many who are looking for a home or apartment to rent may put your offering(s) at the top of their list.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide as much information as possible – including photos – online. That way, potential renters can “see” what the unit looks like, and from there they can decide whether or not to pursue a tour of it.

This can help to eliminate in-person showings and narrow down those who are still truly interested. In addition, if potential tenants have questions, you could set up virtual chat using Zoom or Skype.

If an individual or couple is interested in moving forward, there are several ways that you can make for a safer environment inside the property, such as:

  • Having spray and/or disinfectant wipes available in the property
  • Asking the potential tenants to put booties on over their shoes
  • Wiping down any surfaces that the individual(s) touch

Before you meet a possible renter at the property in person, it can also help if you first inform them about how it will work, given the process of disinfecting and social distancing.

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