If you have owned or managed rental property for any length of time, then it is possible that you’ve come across a tenant that isn’t following the rules – and in some cases, may even be destructive. Is it time to evict?

But if the time has come to move forward with an eviction, there are some things that you need to know prior to forcing them out. One reason for this is because, even though the tenant may owe you back rent and / or is costing you more money with each passing day, there are a number of rules that are actually in their favor.

One of the most important considerations is to put everything in writing. This includes correspondence with the tenant, as well as copies of any other items, such as police reports that have been filed.

In order to get the actual eviction process started, you will have to provide the tenant with a written notice. This can be sent via certified mail, or hand delivered (either by you or a process server).

If the tenant does not vacate the premises, you may need to move forward with a court hearing. If the judge approves the eviction, you may begin the process of the local sheriff performing a lock-out after waiting a certain period of time.

Because all situations can be different, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to evicting a tenant – regardless of how bad or destructive they are. But in any case, it can be beneficial to have an attorney on your side.

Unfortunately, managing rental property and tenants – good, bad, or otherwise – can be time consuming. So, if you’re interested in being a property owner, but you would rather delegate the day to day tasks, it may be time to hire a professional property manager. For more information on how doing so could work for you, give us a call.