One way that many real estate investors are making things easier on themselves is by using various technologies. Just like in most other industries, the right technology can help to save both time and money.

As the owner of residential rental property, you’re likely well aware that the way you manage your investment(s) has a direct correlation to how valuable it is. There is actually a long list of tasks that property owners and landlords can face, including:

    • Marketing vacancies
    • Screening potential tenants
    • Collecting rent
    • Responding to emergencies
    • Maintaining the regular upkeep of the property

One of the top technologies being used in the rental real estate market today is AppFolio. This property management software can help with a number of items on your to-do list, such as attracting new residents, tracking maintenance, and even communicating with your tenants. In fact, potential renters can even complete the entire leasing process directly from their mobile phone. AppFolio works well with both residential and commercial real estate portfolios.

Another tenant and property management app that’s been a big hit with landlords is Cozy. This app allows you to list vacancies, screen potential tenants, and even collect rent – and you can do all of that for free. Cozy can also help you to stay organized by tracking your expenses and storing your important documents, as well as by communicating maintenance requests from your tenants.

If you’re not big into the tech world – or, if you’d simply prefer to free up some of your time to pursue other projects – hiring a property management team to take care of tenant communication and property maintenance issues could be an ideal solution for you.

So, if you own rental property in the Orlando and / or Central Florida area and you’d like more information about how you can easily streamline your real estate investment activities, just contact us today.