Making your Orlando rental property stand out can be somewhat difficult with a plethora of other options available to renters. So, just like any other item or service that’s trying to gain the attention of purchasers, you’ll need to make your offering different.

One way to do that is by sprucing up the kitchen with energy efficient appliances that will not only make life more convenient for your tenants, but could also help them to keep their utility costs down.

Including a dishwasher and a washer / dryer can also be appealing, as these items can end up saving renters time (and avoiding the hassle of spending an afternoon at the laundromat on a regular basis!)

Updated bathrooms can be another perk when it comes to deciding on the best rental property on a potential renter’s list. The renovation doesn’t have to be fancy. Simply updating the faucets and fixtures can make a world of difference.

Power washing the exterior of the property could also help your property stand out. Many people – both buyers and renters alike – will base their first impression of a property on its curb appeal.

Although physical renovations and updates can certainly help potential tenants choose your property over another, there are other ways that your offering can be more attractive, too. For instance, providing additional perks can go a long way if you want to “sweeten the pot.” These could include:

  • Providing free cable and / or internet service
  • Offering a “discount” if the monthly rent is paid early
  • Having 24 / 7 response in case of an emergency

In some cases, your time might not allow you to be as responsive as a tenant needs you to be. That’s where having a local property manager on your team can help. Delegating a long list of responsibilities like rent collection, emergency response, and tenant management can free up a great deal of your time, while still allowing you to generate a passive income stream.

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