Is water heated by a free hot water heater any less hot than one you purchase?  Unless you’re a rap superstar, you probably don’t like spending money you don’t have to.  And, unless you have a religious issue with it, odds are pretty good that you enjoy getting stuff for free.  Luckily for you, if you live in the Central Florida area there is a very good chance that you can save money AND get free stuff with the help of your local utility company.  Including a free hot water heater!

How to Get a Free Hot Water Heater

Thanks to a number of federal grant programs administered through local power companies, many homeowners are able to receive considerable discounts on appliances such as hot water heaters and air conditioners, as well as money towards other electricity-saving upgrades such as windows and insulation.  Depending on varying incentives, utility companies will sometimes cover a number of upgrades at 100% of the cost!  That’s right, for free!

Orlando Utilities Commission, Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy (formerly Progress Energy) all offer various rebate programs that homeowners can take advantage of to get free stuff and cut down on their monthly power bills.

As landlords, some of you may not see the value in saving someone else (your tenants) money, even at a reduced cost to you.  But remember this:  aside from being a bonus marketing pitch to prospective tenants (tenants like saving money as much as anyone else; why wouldn’t they choose an energy efficient home over one that isn’t?), many of the appliances that these programs cover need to be replaced around once a decade anyway, so why pay more for a non-energy efficient appliance when you can get a better, energy efficient one for less money or for free?

Contact your property’s utility company today about scheduling an energy audit, the first step towards free stuff!  And, if you still aren’t convinced of the wonder that is free energy efficient appliances, you might even get a hug from Mother Earth.

If you want to make sure your doing all of the most cost-effective things, hire us to manage your property!  Central Florida Property Management has done Orlando property management for years – we’re the pros!