Here’s the situation:  Your tenants have moved out and now your property is vacant.  A prime target for vandals and thieves, there are several things you can do to secure a vacant property without hiring a member of the X-Men to stand guard at your property.  (But hey, that’s not a bad idea!)One of the biggest concerns that absentee landlords have is how to secure a vacant property.  And for good reason.  Being hundreds of miles away from an expensive asset can be a little nerve-wracking.

  1. DO NOT Use “For Rent” Signs. This advertises to every passerby, including thieves, that nobody is home. For Rent signs are not a great way to market vacancies anyway so don’t worry about missing out on that perfect tenant.
  2. Maintain the Yard. Keep the lawn and hedges trimmed, weeded and watered. Dead grass and an overgrown lawn are signs that a property may be vacant. As a bonus, the neighbors will be thankful.
  3. Put Lights on a Timer. Put porch lights on a timer and place a couple of lamps in the home on timers to give the appearance that someone is home.  Motion sensor lights are also a good deterrent.
  4. Blinds. Keep the blinds closed.  Period.  If you were a burglar would you want to break into a house blind?  That’s what I thought.
  5. Security System.  Or ‘Security System Signs’, I should say.  If you don’t want to pay for an actual security system, putting security company stickers on your windows or in the yard is the next best thing.
  6. Screen interested callers. Be cautious when giving information over the phone.  If John Doe sounds sketchy and asks unusual questions about the property tell him that it is already rented and thank him for his call.  It could be someone trying to find out information about the property, and just how far away you are.

Your goal is to attract potential tenants, not low-life criminals.  These are easy inexpensive steps you can take to keep your property safe while vacant. The more you can make your home appear “lived in” the less likely it will be targeted.

The importance of keeping your vacant property secure truly can’t be understated; there have been hundreds (probably thousands!) of cases where vacant homes have been broken into and vandalized, or even worse, used for squatters or as a place to make drug deals.

The best way to keep your vacant property secure is to have a fantastic Orlando property management company working with you.  At Central Florida Property Management, we understand the challenge of keeping your vacant property safe and secure, but most importantly, we work to keep it rented!  We’re here to assist you with any of your property management needs in Orlando and the surrounding areas.  Just contact us to get started!