In the below video, I speak briefly on the tenant screening mindset that all landlords should try to establish the first time they meet a potential tenant to try to answer the big question – Is this person someone you want living in your home? As part of our Landlord Tips series, I talk about the three tenant screening questions you should be asking yourself when you first meet a potential tenant:

1. Will this person pay rent, in full, on time, every month?
2. Will this person take excellent care of the property?
3. Will this person take initiative to fix minor problems and only call me (the landlord) for major issues?

These tenant screening questions will determine whether the person you are meeting is a worthy candidate for your rental property. Watch below to learn more. As always, please leave comments or questions in the comments section below!

You’ll want to remember these tenant screening questions and the mindset of screening tenants, because as a landlord, you’ll likely be screening tenants frequently!  If you’re too busy to screen your own tenants, or you find your rental property vacant more often than it should be, consider working with Central Florida Property Management, a highly-reviewed Orlando property management company.  Just contact us to get started!