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3 06, 2020

3 Best Websites to Advertise Rental Property

2020-06-03T17:50:19-04:00By |Advice, Landlord Advice|

As we continue to move through our “new normal,” it is clear that many types of business transactions will take place online going forward. This includes how we advertise investment property for potential new tenants. But with so many sites available on the Internet, how can you narrow down the best ones? Here are three [...]

27 05, 2020

What to Expect When Orlando Reopens the Economy Following the COVID-19 Quarantine

2020-05-27T13:24:39-04:00By |Florida, Orlando Real Estate|

With many business owners and consumers alike getting anxious about the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders, Orlando and Central Florida have taken some steps that reopens the economy. But even so, it is unlikely that things will go back to “normal” any time soon – if ever. Based on Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement, businesses and other organizations [...]

20 05, 2020

How to Get Rid of Bad Tenants – Even During the Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium

2020-05-20T13:05:55-04:00By |Landlord Advice, Legal Advice|

Eviction Moratorium For over a month now, Florida landlords (along with rental property owners across the U.S.) have not been allowed to evict tenants for non-payment of rent due to the COVID-19 crisis. This, in turn, can make it difficult for real estate investors to pay any expenses that they have regarding their property(ies), such [...]

22 04, 2020

How to Show Rental Property During the COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis

2020-04-21T21:01:14-04:00By |Advice, Property Management|

While most of the country is staying home to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), others need to continue conducting business as usual – and this includes rental property owners and landlords. So, how can you safely show rental property in Florida to prospective tenants during these challenging times, while still maintaining social [...]

15 04, 2020

Collecting Rent During the Coronavirus Pandemic

2020-04-15T14:24:22-04:00By |Landlord Advice|

With millions of people losing their jobs – and in turn, their income – during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), it can be difficult at best for tenants to make their monthly rent payments. But, while skipping what is oftentimes the biggest living expense each month can ease financial hardship for tenants, it can have a [...]

25 03, 2020

When to Take Legal Action Against Your Tenant(s)…And When to Just Let It Go

2020-03-25T13:31:53-04:00By |Legal Advice, Orlando Landlord Tips|

After a recent story has surfaced in the Orlando Sentinel about a Volusia woman being arrested for “throwing a bucket of human feces at her landlord,” it may leave residential rental property owners wondering when legal action against a tenant is necessary, and when to just let things go, waiting for the lease to end [...]

18 03, 2020

Is Orlando Really a Top City for Owning Rental Real Estate?

2020-03-18T14:40:17-04:00By |Advice, Orlando Real Estate, Rentals|

If you own rental property in Orlando and/or the surrounding Central Florida area, you’ve likely made a very good choice in terms of your investment. That’s because – in addition to the roller coaster stock market, where you could essentially lose thousands of dollars every day – a recent report from the landlord-software TurboTenant found [...]

11 03, 2020

How Passive is Your Rental Income?

2020-03-11T16:10:05-04:00By |Property Management|

If you’ve ever watched the late night informercial “gurus,” at one time or another you have likely run across some that tout how “easy” it is to find and buy property, locate the right tenant(s), and then sit back and let the “passive” income roll in. Yet, while the actual process of owning rental real [...]

12 02, 2020

What is Considered “Normal” Wear and Tear on a Rental Property?

2020-02-12T19:14:45-05:00By |Home Inspection, Maintenance, Regulations, Tenant Relations|

As the owner of residential rental property, it’s a given that a home or apartment unit will require cleaning when a tenant moves out in order to get it up to par for the next. But depending on how your property looks upon inspection, determining the lines between what is normal and what is excessive [...]

22 01, 2020

The Real Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

2020-02-16T20:25:54-05:00By |Property Management|

Depending on how many rental properties you own, collecting rent payments, dealing with repairs, and marketing units to new potential tenants can literally be a full-time job – and it is definitely one where you’re on the clock 24/7 as versus just from 9:00 to 5:00! So, if your real estate investment business is running you [...]

8 01, 2020

2020 Orlando Rental Real Estate Market Trends

2020-01-08T18:11:36-05:00By |Orlando Real Estate|

As we head into 2020, how will your Orlando rental real estate investment(s) fare? According to experts, the answer could be very appealing. That’s because, based on figures from Neighborhood Scout, the projected market appreciation for Orlando real estate was estimated at 3.35% for 2019 - and according to Zillow, it is expected to increase [...]

25 12, 2019

How Much to Charge Your Tenants for a Security Deposit

2019-12-28T19:27:23-05:00By |Landlord Advice|

As a rental property owner, you want to ensure that your investment is protected both physically and financially from fire, hail, and other types of natural disasters. Certainly, carrying homeowner’s insurance can help you with the financial part. But what about damage or destruction that comes from an “internal” source, aka your tenant(s)? One way to give [...]

18 12, 2019

House or Condo – Which is the Better Real Estate Investment in Central Florida?

2020-01-02T13:26:29-05:00By |Advice, Landlord Advice|

If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a (or another) rental property in Orlando, you might be wondering whether a single family house or condo will be your better money-maker. The good news is that either answer could be right – depending on what you’re looking for in an investment. For instance, condominiums are typically [...]

4 12, 2019

Making Your Rental Property Stand Out

2019-12-04T21:10:46-05:00By |Advice|

Making your Orlando rental property stand out can be somewhat difficult with a plethora of other options available to renters. So, just like any other item or service that’s trying to gain the attention of purchasers, you’ll need to make your offering different. One way to do that is by sprucing up the kitchen with [...]

20 11, 2019

Is Florida Really a Landlord Friendly State?

2019-11-20T20:00:57-05:00By |Advice, Florida|

While the goal of many investment property owners is to generate a “passive” stream of rental income (as well as to garner several attractive tax-related benefits), the process can be easier in states that are considered to be “landlord friendly.” The good news is that Florida is one of those states! One of the top reasons [...]

18 09, 2019

What Florida Landlords Must Let Tenants Know

2019-10-30T22:01:57-04:00By |Legal Advice|

As the owner of residential rental property, communication can be key to having a positive landlord / tenant relationship. But, while you may be providing your renters with some important information, under the Florida landlords-tenant law, there are several items that your tenant(s) have the right to know and understand. These include: Rent Amount – [...]

11 09, 2019

How to Find Good Tenants in the Fall and Winter

2019-10-30T22:03:21-04:00By |Advice, Landlord Advice|

With the fall season quickly approaching, many investment property owners have concerns about finding good tenants for their vacancies. Similar to the process of selling a home in the fall and winter months, renters can be harder to find – especially those who have children that are just beginning a new school year (and don’t [...]

4 09, 2019

Can a 1031 Exchange Make Sense with Rental Property?

2019-10-30T22:27:53-04:00By |Advice, Taxes|

As a real estate investor, it’s likely that you’re already familiar with the many favorable tax-related benefits that owning rental property can have. Depreciation, expenses, and even the mortgage interest can offer some nice deduction opportunities each year at tax time. But what happens when you’re in the market to sell your current rental units and [...]

28 08, 2019

Easy and Inexpensive Tenant Screening Can Fill Your Vacant Properties Faster

2019-10-30T22:07:55-04:00By |Advice, Landlord Advice, Tenant Screening|

One of a rental property owner’s worst fears is having a vacant unit that requires ongoing carrying costs. In fact, the longer a property sits empty, the more expensive it can get both from a monetary standpoint, as well as the likelihood of vandalism. Even worse than a vacant unit, though, is filling a property [...]