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25 01, 2023

Orlando Housing Market Trends in 2023

2023-01-13T15:11:25-05:00By |Florida, Investing, Orlando Real Estate, Property Management|

While residential real estate investors are often focused on attaining – and maintaining – steady incoming cash flow, property values are another essential component of your overall portfolio. So, it is important to be mindful of both current and predicted future trends. In the Orlando / Central Florida real estate market, the impacts of [...]

18 01, 2023

The Benefits of Living in Your Own Rental Property

2023-01-13T15:05:56-05:00By |Florida, Investing, Orlando Real Estate, Property Management|

If you own residential rental property, you likely already know that you can receive a regular stream of income from your tenants. But this is just the beginning – especially if you own a duplex, four-plex, or other type of multi-family housing structure. That is because you could also reduce your own monthly mortgage [...]

11 01, 2023

How Hiring a Property Management Company Can Pay Off

2023-01-13T15:00:30-05:00By |Florida, Investing, Orlando Real Estate, Property Management|

Owning residential rental property can come with a long list of expenses. It can also require a great deal of your time if you are managing and maintaining your investment(s) on your own. Just some of these can include finding and screening potential tenants, collecting the monthly rent, responding to emergencies (oftentimes late at [...]

28 12, 2022