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22 11, 2023

Best Areas to Invest in Orlando

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Are you a landlord looking to expand your portfolio in a market that promises growth and sustainability? Welcome to Orlando, FL, the land of sunshine and soaring rental demand! Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, Orlando offers a unique blend of tourist attractions, bustling economic growth, and a thriving community. This article [...]

22 11, 2023

Why Every Property Manager Should Keep Their Rental Property Clean

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Are you dreaming of satisfied tenants? It's a vision every property manager wishes to turn into reality. After all, happy tenants mean smooth operations, positive reviews, and a thriving rental business. If you're wondering how to achieve this goal, look no further than the simplest yet often underestimated solution: keeping your rental property squeaky [...]

13 10, 2023

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Orlando

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When carried out properly, real estate investment can be a lucrative venture. Orlando, Florida, is one of the prime locations for such investments. With its booming tourism industry, growing population, and strong job market, Orlando offers ample opportunities for property investors. However, successful real estate investment requires careful planning and consideration. In this article, [...]

7 09, 2023

Breaking a Lease in Florida – Know the Laws

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Fixed-term leases offer plenty of benefits for landlords, from a stable source of income to reduced tenant turnover rates. As great as fixed-term rental agreements are, they also have some drawbacks, like the inability to end the lease or change the terms until after a set period of time.    Sometimes, landlords have to [...]

4 08, 2023

A Guide to the Eviction Process in Florida

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Florida law gives landlords the right to evict a tenant so long as they have legitimate reasons. As a landlord, you must strictly follow the state’s eviction process in order to avoid legal complications. Just like in the rest of the country, you must obtain a court order, otherwise known as a Writ of [...]

5 07, 2023

Florida Security Deposit Laws

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Florida law allows landlords to collect a security deposit as part of a tenant’s move-in costs. However, the same set of laws places certain restrictions on how you can do it. For instance, what deductions you can make, how to store it, and when to return it, among other things. As a landlord in [...]