Who Pays for the Repairs on Your Rental PropertyEven though the wrath of Hurricane Irma has passed, the effects she left behind will be long-lasting for many. And, anyone who has lived in, near, or around hurricane-prone areas like Florida knows that an “active” hurricane season can mean months of sleepless nights worrying about if or when the next big disaster will occur.

But, as the old sayings goes, You can’t control the weather. So, how can you prepare your investment property (or properties) so that they are less likely to incur costly damages for you, as well as inconvenience for your tenants?

Although you may not be able to eliminate all types of damage, there are actually several things that you can do to lessen the chance of flying debris that could lead problems during the storm. For example, make sure that all outdoor furniture and other items, such as trash cans, are either tightly secured, or placed in a safe place so that the wind can’t pick them up and turn them into a flying peril. In some cases, you may even be able to place furniture and other select items in a swimming pool in order to remove them from harm’s way.

Given the massive amount of rain that a hurricane can produce, it is also imperative that you ensure that all gutters, downspouts, and storm drains are clear. That way, you can lessen the likelihood of a blockage, which in turn could lead to leaks.

In addition, it is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place. That way, once the hurricane or other event has passed, the proper insurance and repair teams can more quickly assess the damage and begin working towards repair or replacement.

Managing investment property can be time-consuming in any environment. If you’re looking to free up time, while continuing to benefit from your real estate investment income, it may be time to consider hiring a property manager. For more details on the benefits of working with a property management team in Orlando and the surrounding area, Contact Us.