If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping or you’re a night owl, it is possible that at some point you have run across ads for real estate investment courses that will teach you “how to make millions with rental properties.”

The way these oftentimes work is by luring in unsuspecting people who are seeking more information about how to generate passive income through real estate. The initial presentation is usually free – and it will provide you with just enough details to whet your appetite.

However, in order to learn more about the “proven secrets” of the pros, you’ll have to sign up for a follow-up course and/or “coaching” program that can cost you several thousand dollars – or more! Unfortunately, the information you end up getting is typically little more than you can find for free online or relatively inexpensively in a book about property investment.

Based on information from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these scams often exaggerate the amount of money that can be made using their “system.” In addition, the promised step-by-step guidance is just fluff, as are the claims that are made by their prior “successful” students.

If you’ve been taken in by one of these scams, though, you can report it to the FTC by going to: https://ReportFraud.ftc.gov. It may also be possible for you to get some or all of your money back.

Although many of the real estate investment courses you see advertised on late-night TV are just scams, there are legitimate ways to make money with rental property – provided that you go about it the right way, as well as with realistic expectations.

If you operate this business as a part- or full-time endeavor, though, it can take up a significant amount of your time. But you can delegate many of these tasks to a professional property management team.

So, if you currently own residential rental property in Central Florida, or you plan to make a purchase soon, contact CFL Property Management for more details by calling (407) 429-4834 or by emailing us at contact@CFLPropManagement.com. We look forward to assisting you with your real estate investment(s).