Foundations in Florida tend to shift and sink as homes age.  Not surprisingly, foundation problems can be very expensive to repair.  Because of this, spotting foundation problems in Orlando investment homes is very important; not only for investment homes you already own, but mostly BEFORE buying!  Here are a few things you should be aware of that may help you if you’re looking for indications of foundation problems in Orlando investment homes.

Foundation Problems in Orlando Investment Homes - exterior cracking

Foundation Problems in Orlando Investment Homes – exterior cracking

Exterior:   The sidewalk and driveway sit on the same soil as the house. If severe cracks can be seen in either or both, and they don’t look to be caused by roots from a large, nearby tree, proceed with caution. Take a look at the outside walls. If you find cracks that begin at a door, wall or the foundation itself and run all the way up to the roof this could indicate foundation settling.

Inside:  As you walk through the house, do you see any cracks? Look up at the ceiling, and around the corners of windows and doors. Look for jagged cracks in the drywall that do not run along the drywall itself. If it has been repainted, check for drywall repairs in those areas. Here’s a pro-tip for finding foundation problems in Orlando investment homes: Be sure to check inside closets, because typically the cracks there are left un-repaired.

Look for gaps between the walls and floor or ceilings. Walls that are separating from the floor or ceiling can be an indication of foundation issues.  Check for sloping or uneven floors as you tour the home.  Does it feel level?  Do you feel as if you may be ‘tilting’?  This could be an indication of foundation damage.

The worst thing you can do is ignore symptoms like these; over time, foundation issues can become worse. Ignoring these issues can cause structural damage to other parts of the house. However, if an Orlando investment home that you own or are thinking of buying is exhibiting some of these symptoms, try not to panic. These signs are not always a 100% accurate indication of foundation problems. If you suspect that a home has serious foundation issues, contact a structural engineer to assess the home and the property. The engineer can frequently diagnose the source of the problem and suggest potential repairs.

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