As a real estate investor, you are likely well aware that there are a number of different property types to choose from, including single family homes, duplexes, four-plexes, and multi-unit apartment buildings.

But, while there are certainly pros and cons to owning any of these options, is there one type of property that offers more benefits for landlords in the Sunshine state, and particularly in Orlando?

The answer is, there could be – depending on what your specific goals are for the investment.

For instance, one of the primary factors to consider, even before you start looking for property to buy, is the ideal type of tenant that you are interested in serving. In this case, are you more interested in working with college students, families, business executives, and / or those who are on vacation?

Based on your answer to this question, you will be better able to pin point not only the attributes of the property (or properties) to purchase, but also the ideal location. As an example, if you are intent on renting your investment property on a shorter-term basis to those who are vacationing in Orlando, then the purchase of a single family home, or even a condo, that is near Disney or Universal Studios may be your answer.

Alternatively, if you would prefer longer term rentals that are more on the high-end, then considering the purchase of a condo or home that is closer to the downtown area could fit the bill.

In any case, though, it will still be necessary to maintain the property and to find, screen, and manage the tenants. If this is a job that you would rather not do, then handing off these duties to a professional property manager will allow you to still reap the benefits of your investment, while freeing up more of your time.

For more information on how a professional property management team can be advantageous to you, give us a call today.