Are you a Landlord, or a property owner looking to save yourself some money? Today we are sharing three tips that will help maintain your tenants roof in tip top shape!

Today’s blog post is a guest post from Over the Top Roofing, a veteran-owned roofing company here in Orlando.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts on Wednesday, but we thought our real estate investors would appreciate learning some tricks of the trade from an experienced and local roofing company.  Enjoy!

Owning rental properties is a very rewarding job, and being a real estate investor may come with its perks but also with many responsibilities. Having multiple properties means that you oversee multiple roofs, and making sure they are in great condition for its tenants. Unforeseen costs like repairs and replacements are inevitable when managing a rental property. Brushing off any roofing issue will only lead to disastrous problems in the future. Today we are sharing property maintenance tips to help you make sure your tenant’s roofs are in tip top shape.

What To Inspect

Curled or missing shingles, piled up debris, damaged flashing, and moss or mold are just a few of the things to inspect in your tenant’s roof. Missing shingles is something you can easily identify and make sure to call your local roofer like Over The Top Roofers to take a look and see if you need a new roof, a roof replacement or a maintenance routine. Piled up debris does not only look bad, but covered spots on your roof for long periods of time can help create moss and mold.

Flashings are thin pieces of material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier system. If this is damaged the likeness of your tenants experiencing leaking roofs will skyrocket. Lastly, as previously mentioned, moss and mildew are formed out of enclosed spaces mixed with the humidity of the air. To prevent this from happening, inspecting the roof frequently to make sure it is clear of any debris from trees and any other outdoor elements will help make sure mold does not form.

Tip: Cutting back tree limbs that extend onto or near the roof will help prevent any squirrels or pests from engaging with your tenant’s roof.


Keep the gutters free of leaves and other debris. Make sure that the downspouts are carrying rainwater a good distance away from the property. If the gutters are full of debris it produces a buildup of leaves and water, causing mold to occur. This, in the end, will cause you costly damages to fix for your tenants.

Overview of what to look for:

  • Curled or missing shingles
  • Signs of mold or moss
  • Debris
  • Intact flashings

Storm Plan

In Florida, hurricane season comes and goes, and although we are used to it that shouldn’t stop you from making sure the roof in your property can withstand the storm. Create a before and after plan to make sure the roof is sturdy enough to last the storm, and a plan to repair any roof damage immediately.

Over The Top Roofers specializes in residential roofing in Orlando. More specifically, we send a sales specialist to the property to analyze what your roofing issues may be. We can ensure that your roof will be safe and in great condition for your tenants to live in! Contact us today to make sure your roof is ready for hurricane season!