While there are many benefits to owning rental property, in this business – just as in any other – there is always the chance that you will run across a difficult customer. In this case, it is the problem tenant.

Unfortunately, even if an individual passes the application screening process, once they have moved into the property, various issues could arise. These may include destruction of the property, causing disruption to the neighbors, and / or not paying the rent.

So, what happens if it is evident that the tenant needs to be evicted?

Although the eviction process can be somewhat stressful, there are a few steps that you can follow that can make it more bearable, and that can help to move the scenario along so that you can replace the problem tenant with one who will follow the rules.

First, be sure that you always send a written notice to the tenant, informing them that they are in violation of the lease agreement. In this notice, it is important that you state the actual violations. It is also important that you send out the notice sooner rather than later, as waiting too long can oftentimes end up making the problem worse for you.

In many cases, it is also beneficial to engage the help of an attorney – and preferably one who is well-versed in Florida real estate laws. This can help you to ensure that all of the right steps are being followed.

If the tenant does not leave the premises willingly, it could be that you will need to contact the local sheriff to physically escort them out. Going this route can help to minimize any incidents that may end up making the situation even worse.

Being a landlord can involve a great deal of time on your part. If you’d rather pass on some – or all – of those duties, then hiring an experienced property management team can help. Give us a call to find out more about how having a property manager on your side can be advantageous to you and your real estate investment business.