Managing rental property can be difficult – especially if you own multiple units. But just like most other industries, the application arena has made things much easier, which can give you some of your time back and allow you to conduct business with just a few taps on your smart phone.

Some of the top applications for landlords include:

  • Stessa – The Stress app allows you to monitor and manage your property(ies) digitally from an investment standpoint. For instance, you can track a property’s performance, along with the related finances – including income, expenses, and tax documents – all in one place.
  • Landlordy – Landlordy tracks rental income and expenses on your properties. It also provides maintenance checklists and photos for each of your real estate investments.
  • Landlord Studio – Landlord Studio also keeps track of incoming rent payments and expenses. In addition, this app generates reports for accounting, and automates invoices and payment reminders that go out to your tenants.
  • Keyzapp – With Keyzapp, you can identity and manage the keys to your properties, as well as access units by using electronic tags. This can save you a considerable amount of time searching for keys, especially if you need to enter a unit quickly due to an emergency.
  • DocuSign – DocuSign allows you and your tenants to electronically sign (and prepare) agreements such as property leases. This app can help you eliminate time-consuming meetings and continuous back-and-forth when leases, lease extensions, and other paperwork requires signatures.

While these and other apps can assist you with seamlessly running your rental property business, though, there are still numerous tasks that can require your time and energy. This is where an experienced property manager can help.

If you own residential rental units in Orlando / Central Florida, and you would like to know more about how delegating a long list of responsibilities can be beneficial, give us a call and let’s chat!