With many business owners and consumers alike getting anxious about the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders, Orlando and Central Florida have taken some steps that reopens the economy.

But even so, it is unlikely that things will go back to “normal” any time soon – if ever. Based on Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement, businesses and other organizations will be allowed to move forward in phases.

The first of these phases – which includes opening restaurants and various retail stores (at a limited capacity) – started on May 4th. This mandate is in effect for most of the Sunshine State, minus some of the hardest hit areas, such as Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward counties – which currently account for more than half of the COVID-19 cases in the state.

During this initial phase, Florida consumers and business owners will still be required to limit their movements only to places that are open. And, similar to during the stay-at-home order, going out for essential needs, such as groceries, medication, and doctor visits is still allowable (even if the medical treatment is for non-COVID-19 related ailments).Should You Add to Your Orlando Rental Property Portfolio in 2022?

In addition, because local government is allowed to impose stricter rules, there are some differences between President Trump’s reopening plan and the state of Florida’s. For example, while the Federal government allows gyms to reopen during Phase 1, the Florida governor is holding back on that, at least for the time being. Landlords who are showing rental property to prospective new tenants will also have to continue abiding by guidelines for social distancing.

With regard to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Florida’s reopening, there is currently no set timeline in place. Going forward, though, it is anticipated that items like non-essential travel and various non-essential businesses will be addressed.

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