Although nobody likes to dwell on it, the reality is that accidents and illness can – and do – occur. So, as the owner of rental real estate investments, what will happen to your property(ies) if you pass away?

There are many questions that may come to mind when determining how to transfer real estate after the owner dies. But in general, what happens will often be determined, based on whether or not the property owner has a will.

When the owner of a property dies and they have a valid will in place, the asset will typically pass to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) who are named in the document. After the probate court has validated the deceased individual’s will, the executor can help with transferring the property(ies) to the rightful heir(s).

However, if the property is owned by an individual, and the owner dies without a valid will, the local court may determine who receives the property. This is often decided using a set of rules that are referred to as intestate succession laws.

If you do not own your investment property(ies) in your own name, and you instead have an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or other type or corporate ownership in place, it is possible that the operating agreement would provide what happens going forward, upon the death of one of the LLC’s members.

Because all situations can differ, though, there is not just one simple solution that works for everyone across the board. That is why it is critical to discuss your options with an attorney who is well-versed in the transfer of real property. You can then put a plan in place that more closely fits your specific objectives.

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