If you’ve been considering selling your real estate investment(s), you may be wondering when the best time would be to do so. For instance, you might be asking if you should hold on to the property until the mortgage is paid off, the real estate market comes up further, you can no longer depreciate the property on your tax return, and / or until your current tenant’s lease is up?

The answer to this question can really depend on your specific situation. Unlike selling your primary residence, your decision may or may not include factors such as needing more or less living space, or because you personally want to live in a different location.

Oftentimes, especially as we get older, we aim to spend our time doing more enjoyable activities – even if that means giving up an investment that is producing a steady, ongoing cash flow month after month.

But, if managing your rental property is simply a matter of you wanting more time for doing other things, there is a way that you can still maintain the investment income, yet do away with property maintenance and tenant dealings. That’s by hiring a professional property manager.

With a property management team on your side, you don’t have to deviate from your everyday life to drop everything and go fix toilets, patch leaky roofs, look for new tenants, or even collect the monthly rent checks – yet you can still continue receiving regular cash flow, along with equity build up from the property over time.

Want more information about how to work with an experienced property manager in the Orlando and Central Florida area so that your investment can keep generating income for you, without spending any additional time on it? Give us a call today.