After a recent story has surfaced in the Orlando Sentinel about a Volusia woman being arrested for “throwing a bucket of human feces at her landlord,” it may leave residential rental property owners wondering when legal action against a tenant is necessary, and when to just let things go, waiting for the lease to end (and not be renewed).

In this particular case, the tenant believed that she was about to be evicted, so she took matters into her own hands (so to speak) when the landlord arrived at her door. Police officers responded quickly to the 911 call, and arrested the tenant on a charge of battery, after being told by the landlord / victim that she was simply visiting the property to check on broken items as part of a planned visit. The landlord plans to press charges against the tenant.

While not all landlord / tenant disputes are as “challenging” as this situation, there are times when a property owner may be able to sue a tenant, including for:

  • Recovering money that is owed (for rent, unpaid utilities, etc.)
  • Obtaining additional funds for property damages
  • Recovering damages if the tenant used the property for illegal dealings
  • The tenant participating in various breaches of the lease

Even though owning rental property can be lucrative, it can also come with a variety of other issues. So, if you own investment units in Orlando and / or the surrounding Central Florida locale and you’d like to delegate tasks such as property maintenance and tenant management to someone else, let’s talk.

As an experienced Orlando property management company, we’ll take over all of the time-consuming duties of being a landlord, including marketing, repair, and even eviction procedures. For more details on our services, give us a call or set up a time to meet with one of our property management representatives.