Tips for Listing Your Rental Properties OnlineRegardless of whether you’re just starting out in your real estate investing endeavors, or you’ve been doing it for many years, one of the biggest challenges that can face you is finding the best properties. Now you can search for investment property online.

While it was necessary many years ago to scour the newspaper, highlighting property that may or may not actually end up fitting your needs, today you can simply click your mouse a few times and come up with a long list of potential options, in turn, allowing you to weed out the “no’s” and take the next step on the “maybe’s.”

In order to help you with narrowing down your online search, there are a few websites that will provide you with the property information – including important data – that is beneficial, such as: – LoopNet allows you to search for commercial properties, and also to find sales comparisons, and even property records, for property that is listed in a specific area. In addition, using LoopNet’s local info section, you can also determine various trends in areas around the U.S. – Although it is primarily advertised as a place for finding a primary residence, can also be helpful for property investors. Using its home value tool, you can simply type in a zip code or street address and come up with the approximate assessed home value for the area. In addition, this website also offers a search feature, SearchAssist, that will send you new listings that fit your specific criteria as soon as they come up on the market. – If you’re looking more for foreclosures and other properties that are going to be sold via auction, then could be a viable alternative. This site has a focus on short sales, auctions, and REOs, including luxury properties, land, and commercial property listings.

Once you’ve added to your property portfolio, managing and maintaining your investments could be somewhat time consuming. In order to help alleviate the time spent working on your property and dealing with tenants, hiring an experienced property manager can be a benefit. For more details on how a property management team can be to your advantage in the Orlando and surrounding area, Contact Us today.